This is ultimate hangout for those with a specific interest. Students are provided with the knowledge and can share & learn about overseas education. We would strive to provide all possible information reviewing many experts opinion and their finding to the student community to make a informed decision.

Application Procedure

The most important thing before you apply to any College/University is filling up the application. As we know, unless an application is properly and completely filled it’s quite possible that it could be delayed or rejected. This could result in an unnecessary loss of time, energy and money, and could even act as deadly setback to your career. It is essential to work out the process step by step, so you don’t miss out on important aspects.

Documents Required

University Application

  • ☀ Covering letter
  • ☀ Completed Application
  • ☀ Application fee
  • ☀ Transcripts
  • ☀ Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • ☀ Recommendation Letters
  • ☀ Affidavit of Support
  • ☀ Bank Statement

University Selection

  • ☀ Cost of study at the University
  • ☀ Availability of financial assistance
  • ☀ Availability of interested field of specialization
  • ☀ Current employment chances
  • ☀ The prospects of further education
  • ☀ What sort of accreditation does the university have
  • ☀ Faculty and infrastructure
  • ☀ The geography of the university


  • ☀ GRE
  • ☀ GMAT
  • ☀ TOEFL
  • ☀ IELTS

Global Career

  • ☀ Cost of study at the University
  • ☀ Few Reputed Colleges & Universities in India
  • ☀ Competition is intense in India
  • ☀ Admission is easy abroad
  • ☀ Quality Education System
  • ☀ Friendly Faculty abroad
  • ☀ Easy Education Loans